Hydromate is a cross linked potassium-based water absorbment specifically formulated for use in agriculture and horticulture. Hydromate is also recommended to be put in the planting hole during transplanting, it increases the survival rate of new transplants. Hydromate was also specifically designed to improve the ability of the soil to retain water and nutrients. It helps protect the environment by preventing fertilizer and nutrient leaching. Each small crystal absorbs up to 100 time its weight in water. The crystals aerate the soil without any mechanical means. When added to the soil of your trees, the plant roots grow directly into the water-swollen crystals, tapping the moisture reserve as needed. 


  • Uniqueness in release of water, conserves water
  • Reduces watering frequency and it’s cost effective
  • Lasts for 1½ years and eventually degrades into soil
  • Water holding and releasing capacity outperforms polybag, potted soil and organic amendments medium
  • Research shows that Hyrdomate can release up to 95% of the water absorbed and provides it to the plant

Seedling, Root Dipping
Dip moist root into wet slurry

Potted Flower
Pot Diameter:

  • 10-15cm: 2-4g/pot
  • 15-20cm: 4-6g/pot
  • 25-30cm: 6-8g/pot
  • 30-35cm: 8-12g/pot
  • 35-50cm: 12-16g/pot
    Remarks : Mix Hydromate with soil. Then water it thoroughly

Oil Palm Nursery

  • Polibag (15cm x 20cm): 1-2g/bag
  • Polibag (38cm x 45cm):
    Additional 2g/bag (Double stage nursery)
    5g/bag (Single stage nursery)
    Remarks: Mix Hydromate with soil in the polybag. After planting, water the plant.

Oil Palm Transplanting

  • Treated with Hydromate in the nursery:
  • Not treated with Hydromate
    Remarks: Mix Hydromate with soil in the planting hole. After transplanting, water the palm.

*Application rates may vary according to soil conditions, amount and timing of rainfall, temperature and general weather conditions as well as the moisture requirements of the individual plants.