Micropur TDCA Sprayer

The Micropur TDCA is an ultra low volume sprayer that substantially reduces water for spraying. It enables herbicide spraying at 5 litres per blanket hectare. It uses 1 : 1 ratio rate of Glyphosphate 41% and water (that is 2.5L of Glyphosphate mixed with 2.5L of water) for a tank mix of 5L spraying solution. Hence significantly reduces labour dependence in general weed control in matured oil palm plantations. The Micropur TDCA is able to reduce labour cost by 75% while being 4 times more efficient than CKS in mature oil palms’ general weed control.

  • User friendly: light weight(comes with a 5L spraying tank), easy to operate, simple to maintain
  • Enhances herbicide performance
  • Enhances the broadspectrum activity of systemic herbicides
  • Improves rainfastness

Samurai CDA Sprayer

The Samurai CDA sprayer comes with a 10L spraying tank and a low volume spray nozzle that provides better spray distribution and coverage to ensure a more effective weed control. It is suitable for circle and path spraying of tough weeds, sensitive crops and matured oil palm. The Samurai CDA is able to reduce labour cost by 66% while being 3 times more efficient than CKS in mature oil palms.

  • Improves spraying efficiency 
  • Enhances herbicide performance
  • Light-weight & user-friendly 
  • More cost-effective weed control
  • Improves rainfastness 

Hornbill Tapping Knife

The Hornbill tapping knife is designed with an innovative and replaceable double sharpen edged blade. It is adjustable to obtain different tapping thickness which saves “tap-able” bark. Its sharp edged, stainless steel blade enables tappers to control the tapping dept of the rubber tree which gives bark a smooth and neat surface after tapping. This prolongs the tree’s economic life for up to 50 years; while yielding up to 10% more rubber latex per day.

  • Easy to use
  • Increase tapping efficiency 
  • Does not need to be sharpened
  • Cost saving: blade is ⅓ cheaper than that of whetting
  • 1 blade cuts up to 3,000 to 4,000 trees
  • Available types: Metal Handle (Model 01, 7½”) & Wooden Handle (Model 02, 8″)

  • Bark comparison using Hornbill Tapping Knife Vs Jebang Tapping Knife